Our History

    • 1970 Aero International Corporation Founded in Taiwan.

The founders with same business management concept – Yang, Huang, and Leif Lee – understand the growth of Taiwan economics relies on international trade. Therefore, they bear the mission to carrying products of “made in Taiwan” to all over the world.

    • 1975 Develop Artificial Flower with Full Strength.

Bring the vivid look silk flower/polyester flowers to replace plastic flowers.

    • 1984 Bring in the Holidays’ Pleasing Atmosphere to Home.

We integrated Christmas decorations with colorful flowers for many different concepts according to customer’s needed.

    • 1990 Aeroflora was Born.

In order to offer a better service to customers, this Hong Kong branch office were launched, including a 6000 sq ft showroom and an inspection center in China. Due to China’s economic open policy, and cheaper cost of labor charges, most industries were moving to China.

    • 1993 Launched New Business Center.

We bought our own office with a 1,400 sq ft. showroom, located at Chi-Lin Road, Taipei. Meanwhile, we reorganized our team to be more efficient .

    • 2008 Prepare to Launch B2B Platform.

In order to gather our suppliers and customers and the needed information rapidly, our B2B platform will be launched by mid 2008. There will be no more distance between the three parties. By saving transaction time, increasing efficiency, and minimizing the fault to zero, all the saved cost can be returned to our consumers.
2008 move our HK showroom to Shenzhen China, as most of buyers in the world visit Shenzhen to make a collections, not HK anymore. Also, we setup B2B platform to connect Taiwan, HK, and Shenzhen.

  • 2010 Setup a liaison office for inspect team at Xiamen.
  • 2017 Relocation operations of showroom to Dongguan Changan form Shenzhen.

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